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Nicotine nation

16th August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

A freedom of information request has found that the NHS is treating thousands of children who are addicted to smoking. Last year 1,710 children were given anti-smoking treatments on the NHS. The request, conducted by Churchill Home insurance, showed that only third of NHS trusts are actually reporting their figures, which shows the true scale of the problem could be much greater.

The research found at least 428 children aged under 15 were given NHS treatments last year to help stop them smoking, including minors aged under 12 years old. More than 6,000 nicotine replacement and addiction treatments, such as varenicline, have been prescribed by the NHS over the last three years to help children stop.

Aston spoke to Tayla Stone, parenting and lifestyle blogger to discuss the research in further detail and also gave tips and advice about trying prevent children from smoking.