Posted by Aston Avery

One in five Brits planning on moving home in 2022

While inflation has climbed to a thirty-year high, new research released today found one in five Brits (20%) still plan to move house in 2022. The research reveals Brits spend an average of £3,480 moving per household, driving an estimated £11.4 billion home moving economy.

With rising costs of living, Airtasker today launches its 2022 Move Right Report, to help Brits navigate their moving journey and make smart moving decisions. The report identified budgeting as the most difficult part of moving with over half of respondents (56%) having exceeded their budget by up to £1,000. Of those who moved in the past year, Brits overspent by £414 on average – that’s £1.36B overspent on moving costs nationally.

According to the report, unexpected or “hidden” costs may be the reason Brits are overspending. When asked about “hidden” moving costs, Brits cited double rent (34%) – that is, paying old and new rent/mortgage payments at the same time, food delivery costs on moving day (32%) and utility connection fees (30%).

Aston spoke to TV property expert Phil Spencer.

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