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Our biggest winter bugbears

26th November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Scraping ice off the car, boilers breaking down and constantly feeling cold are among Brits’ biggest winter bugbears. New research has also found that brollies being blown inside out by the wind and constantly having chapped lips are among the 50 worst things about the chilly season.

And at a time of year when we’re most likely to seek refuge from the weather indoors, it seems Brits often get wound up by things in and around the home. Having to get out of a warm, cosy bed when the house is freezing cold, having higher heating bills to pay, the laundry taking too long to dry and draughts around the house also featured on the list.

The study also found that on average, Brits get wound up by something winter-related six times a week – and it takes just five weeks after the official ‘start’ of winter on December 1 for people to feel sick of it and wish for spring to arrive.

Aston spoke to Sheena Anker, service and repair engineer for British Gas to discuss the research and Sheena was also on hand to offer advice on how to keep your boiler maintained through the winter months.