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Posted by Aston Avery

Pandemic preparedness

In 2021, the Government and life science industry joined together on a 100 Days Mission for Diagnostics,
Therapeutics and Vaccines, an initiative to prepare for future pandemics.

The ambitious mission of 100 days is based on the fact that the first 100 days when faced with a pandemic or epidemic threat are crucial to changing its course and, ideally, preventing it from becoming a pandemic. In those 100 days, diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines are the most important tools for saving millions of lives.

With sustained political and industry collaboration, this landmark collaboration aims to protect against future pandemic threats by reducing the time taken to develop and deploy new diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines to just 100 days.

Aston spoke to Dr Amit Aggarwall, executive director of medical affairs at The Association of the British
Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

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