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Pets at work

8th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Mental health sick days and more variety when it comes to workplace benefits – businesses seem to be getting better at considering their employee’s well-being; however, there is one four-legged perk that should be in every office.

New research commissioned by Purina shows that one in five (20%) employees are now able to bring their dog into work. The research also finds that almost a third (31%) of those suffering from mental health issues say spending time with their pet has helped.

The survey also finds that a fifth (20%) of people rank a dog-friendly working environment above other common perks such as free breakfasts, complimentary drinks or bar and free childcare at the office. 17% even said they’d be willing to take a pay freeze or pay cut in order to be able to bring their dog to work.

Three quarters (74%) of Britons are now in favour of dog-friendly workspaces, suggesting that this could be the simplest and most cost-effective way to improve work culture and morale. In fact, the majority (81%) of Brits believe pet-friendly workplaces have happier cultures.

Aston spoke to Jo Hemmings, TV & behavioural psychologist to offer her insight into why allowing dogs into the office is a good idea for employers and employees alike.