Posted by Aston Avery

Pharmacists could take more pressure off NHS

New research from the National Pharmacy Association has showed a number of us underestimate the skills of our local pharmacy team, as one third (33%) wrongly assume that counter assistants have no formal training in the use of medicines.

This misconception highlights a lack of awareness regarding the qualifications and expertise of pharmacy staff. Pharmacists train for five years before they can qualify, and all pharmacy staff undergo regulated training to ensure the safe and effective use of medications and valuable healthcare services to the community.

Going further, whilst most people are aware you can get NHS flu vaccinations in pharmacies, only 3 in 10 (29%) believe it would be “appropriate” to ask their local pharmacist how to reduce their risk of getting cancer. This underscores the untapped potential of pharmacists as valuable sources of health information. Pharmacists can offer guidance on various health-related topics, including cancer prevention, advise when quitting smoking as well many other things as their role extends beyond medication dispensing.

Aston spoke to Andrew Lane from the National Pharmacy Association.

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