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Reality TV stars Sam Thompson & Zara McDermott on coupling for the winter

Summer’s a time to be spent with your mates, but as the colder nights draw in, what we want is a special person to cuddle up with.

That’s according to a study of 2-thousand singletons, nearly half (43%) of whom want to couple up for the winter rather than spend the season alone.

One in four want someone to cuddle with in the ‘Cuffing’ season – that’s where single people begin looking for short-term relation partnership ships to pass the colder months of the year. The season usually begins in October and lasts until just after Valentine’s Day!

According to the research, which was commissioned by, one in four people questioned feel, after a “summer of flings” it’s time to settle down and get serious with someone.

Aston spoke to Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson and Love Island’s Zara McDermott.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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