Posted by Aston Avery

Ronan Keating appointed ‘director of love’ ahead of Christmas

A simple gesture or small act of kindness can go a long way, from an unexpected hug to a stranger holding the door open for you, these actions can boost our mood and brighten up our day.

Someone who recognises that people need a little pick me up at the moment is singer and presenter Ronan Keating. From supporting one another as band members, being a family man and releasing some iconic love songs, Ronan knows all about lifting spirits and spreading the love.

Brits believe the nation is in need of kindness (65%) and love (52%) this Christmas. Some of the ways that make us feel a little more love is through a hug (54%) receiving a message from someone asking how you are (50%), a smile from a stranger (38%) and someone wanting to have a chat over a coffee with you (30%).

To help raise the nations spirits, Ronan has been appointed the ‘Director of Love’ as he joins forces with Costa.

Aston spoke to singer (former Boyzone member) and presenter Ronan Keating.

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