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Science is all around us

31st May 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Although we might not realize this, we interact with science constantly in our everyday lives, whether that’s through watching TV shows (27%) or documentaries (27%), tracking our general health through the wealth of smartphone apps (19%) available to us nowadays or even participating in nature walks and other activities (12%).

So, when we’re surrounded by it, why does science still seem out of reach for so many of us? Research by the British Science Association (BSA) and Yakult has found that over a third (36%) of us believe we struggle to engage with science, technology and health topics.

Is this because, when we think of science, we often revert to our experiences at school or conjure up a stereotypical picture of mad scientists in lab coats with crazy hair scribbling complex, inconceivable equations on blackboards in chalk? But, as the research shows, science is all around us, encapsulating every day activities that we actually enjoy doing.

EssexBasildon Street Science13-Jul-19

Aston spoke to Ivvet Modinou head of engagement at the British Science Association to discuss what science festivals have to offer and how we can make science more fun and interactive for the whole family, especially across the half-term and summer school holidays.

Ivvet Modinou interview with Aston Avery