Posted by Aston Avery

Seeking help this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, Jacqui Griggs is one of many who faces a tough few months with rising bills and raising a child. This year, thanks to SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, she also knows she will not be doing it alone.

Jacqui, who had a successful career in the RAF spanning eight years, chose to leave the Service after undiagnosed depression led to alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, she continued to face difficulties in civvy street, falling into a dysfunctional relationship and being encouraged to take out huge payday loans she couldn’t afford to pay back.

After some years, Jacqui ended the relationship and met someone else. When she became pregnant, she decided she needed to take charge of her future. Now a single mother to one-year-old Faith, crippled with debt, she recently turned to SSAFA to help get back on her feet.

Aston spoke to Jacqui Griggs.

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