Posted by Aston Avery

Sir Tony Robinson on why we’ve opened up on climate change

What if the world as you knew it was gone? Trade and rampant consumerism replaced by basic survival as climate change drives the world over a “disastrous” tipping point, making the world as we know it virtually uninhabitable:  no government, no supermarkets, no smartphone, no Netflix.

New research from the publishers of Floodland – a videogame which challenges players to rebuild society following a climate catastrophe – explores Britons attitudes towards environmental issues.  Climate change is deemed to be the greatest threat to human existence within our lifetime (69%), above global conflict (64%) and another pandemic with higher mortality rates then Covid-19 (44%).

Britons cite deforestation of the Amazon rainforest as the gravest concern in terms of climate change (62%), followed by melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic (57%) and the carbon released by forest fires in the Boreal Forest (28%).

Aston spoke to actor and TV presenter Sir Tony Robinson and Aleksandr Stroganov from Vile Monarch.

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