Posted by Aston Avery

Soul, Spirit & Wellbeing festival

According to latest research by popular gym chain PureGym more and more of us are realising the positive link between keeping ourselves healthy with regular exercise – and being happy!

One in three of us say we have seen an improvement in mental health, reduction of anxiety and stress levels and a further 16% believe that joining a gym this year will improve health by helping to lose weight, becoming more healthy and more resistant to becoming ill.

And you can find all the inspiration you need in the calming environment of the 6th annual Soul Spirit & Wellbeing Festival taking place at the Ramsden Bellhouse Community Centre, near Billericay Essex on Saturday 6th April (11am to 4:30pm) where you’ll be able to discover a whole range of ways to destress and positively enhance your life this spring!

Aston spoke to Abby Knight & Simon Young from The Billericay Realtor.

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