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Summer driving tips revealed

Nearly three quarters (73%) of UK motorists enjoy driving yet distractions on the road leave Brits missing out on making memories this summer as they focus on sat navs, traffic and avoiding roadworks.

The study of 2,000 motorists commissioned by car manufacturer Hyundai, revealed a whopping 72% of drivers have turned up to the desired location with no real recollection of the route they took. Over a fifth (21%) go on to say how driving an electric car increases their chances of a memorable journey, because planning the route enables drivers to take a break and not only charge the car but refresh ahead of the next leg of the journey. Others agreed an electric car adds benefit to any potential road trip and memory making, with no changing gear potentially creating a more relaxed driving environment.

The research discovered that over a third (34%) are more likely to remember a car journey when travelling with others – as opposed to being alone. A third (33%) also state that the most prominent memory from previous driving trips have been who they have travelled with, beating amazing views (33%), passing famous landmarks (30%) and the destination itself (29%). However, when asked about what sounds are most associated with a road trip, the sound of the engine (38%) surprisingly beat the radio or podcasts (36%) and the sound of the sea (16%).

Aston spoke to cognitive scientist Dr Martha Newson.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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