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Summer gut health

30th July 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

As parents across the UK breathe a universal sigh of relief at the prospect of no school run for six weeks, health experts advise that spending time outdoors over the summer holidays could set children up for fewer sick days when they return to school in September.

The latest research commissioned by OptiBac Probiotics shows that the average child spends 129* hours playing outside during the summer holidays, explaining why eight in 10 parents believe their child’s mood is significantly boosted during the summer (83%) while two in three (67%) notice a positive improvement to their child’s health.

With school children in the UK taking an average of 10 sick days per year**, outdoor play could be the best holiday homework. Increasing exposure to everyday germs can help top-up levels of friendly bacteria in the gut, which are fundamental to boosting our overall health.

Aston spoke to Dr Kate Stephens, Gut Microbiologist, alongside Child Development Psychologist, Dr Sam Wass. Together they’ll explain how important it is for kids to spend time outdoors this summer, and how getting those sunshine hours in can help strengthen your child’s health and help prepare them for going back to school in September.