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The AA are urging and helping the public to stay safe this summer

The great summer of exploring is underway, as Brits flock to experience the hidden gems of the British Isle and make the most of the warm weather and lighter evenings and, in some cases, venturing off the beaten track.

New research from The AA shows that nearly two–thirds of UK adults aged 25-34 (62%) are planning to go on a trip,  holiday, or to an event in a destination that they’ve never been to before this summer, on a mixture of day trips and sampling the best of what Britain has to offer with staycations.

In fact, just over two-fifths of UK adults (41%) will be on the road more often in the summer to visit their family and friends, with 1 in 3 (38%) admitting they will be driving on unfamiliar roads when travelling this summer.

Not being able to relay your exact location can impede the ability of the emergency services to offer help in an emergency situation, with potentially dangerous consequences. To combat this, the UK’s emergency services are encouraging people to download the what3words app as a way of informing  emergency services of their exact location in case of an emergency.

Aston spoke to Tony Rich from The AA.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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