Posted by Aston Avery

The Gut Health Doctor on microbiomes

Less than two weeks into the new year and our health and happiness is always at the top of many peoples lists in January.

And when it comes to our health, more than half (55%) of us are now more actively aware of their gut health than last year. 

We admit that experiencing gut issues affect our mood (44%), sleep (42%), energy levels (38%), stress levels (32%) and our weight (26%), yet more than quarter either wait a few months for advice or never seek any.

This year, Dr Megan Rossi is working with Holland & Barrett to launch the ‘Find Your Gut Thing’ campaign. She is on a mission to help the public understand what small and simple changes can be made to support their gut health for long term benefits.

Aston spoke to Dr Megan Rossi a.k.a The Gut Health Doctor and Alex Glover, nutrition development lead at Holland & Barrett.

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