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This girl can

17th June 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Sport England is helping hectic Mums shrug off feelings of guilt and fit much needed exercise into their day. Mothers realise how important it is for their children to see them exercise, despite feelings of guilt towards using their spare time on themselves, say the findings of a new ‘Sport England’ study.

Nearly seven in ten (69%) of the Mums asked as part of the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign understand the vital importance visibility of exercise has on their children. Yet, six in ten (61%) say they would feel guilty using their precious spare time for themselves. Mums have on average 1.5 hours of free time a day, with 30% saying they have less than an hour spare. But, selfless Mums tend to fill this precious time with tasks revolving around the family such as spending time together (56%), housework (53%) or cooking (28%).

Aston spoke to Emma Kenny TV psychologist and Natalie Lee former midwife, blogger and mother of two to discuss the research and how mothers can fit much-needed exercise into their day to day priorities.

Emma Kenny & Natalie Lee interview with Aston Avery