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Top topics for dinnertime discussions revealed

19th August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Mealtimes are the time of day after work and school when the family gather around the dinner table to share stories and converse. A new report from McCain, ‘The Nation’s Conversations’ – which canvassed 3,000 parents on their family mealtime habits, rules and topics of discussions – shows that 92% cite dinnertime as a key moment in their day.

However, they are not always idyllic, with nine in 10 stating that their mealtime occasions are often privy to disagreements. Other families suggested that they simply don’t talk as openly and honestly as much as we used to.

The research revealed the topics that are most likely to cause a dispute with money (16%) and video games (11%) topping the list. Whilst conversation around Brexit and politics are most likely to get banned. But it isn’t just about the conversations that could get banned, there are some which parents want to talk about but find it difficult to discuss. Just 1 in 10 state that they have discussed gender, sexual identity or sex at the dinner table.

Aston spoke to Simon Hooper a,k.a fathers of daughters, instadad to discuss the research and reveal how in his house no conversation is off limits.