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TV gardener Katie Rushworth highlighting World Bee Day

Many people agree we are now at a point where the world’s population of bees are at a crisis point, where human intervention to protect this valuable asset to our global ecosystem is required. 90% of people in the UK agree that tackling the declining of population in bees is important, as we face stark consequences on our global ecology if the population of the species decreases further over the decades ahead.

A quarter of people in the UK (25%) cannot recall seeing a bee since the start of the year, with over half of people living in London (56%) stating that they are yet to spot a bee in 2022 – signposting a worrying trend here in the United Kingdom.

To help sustain, support, and help to grow the bee population, producers of the world-famous Manuka Honey, Comvita, have introduced a four-pillar plan, that highlights how a sustainable honey industry can aid the preservation of this important species.

Aston spoke to TV gardener Katie Rushworth.

Photo by leandro fregoni on Unsplash

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