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TV presenter Angelica Bell on Gateway

29th August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

New school uniform, name tags sewn-on, shoes lined up… households around the country are getting everything place to make sure children are ready for the big send-off, but who is checking in that the parents themselves are prepared?

New research by Tiny Pop reveals almost half (47%) admit to experiencing anxiety about their little sweethearts starting school. Despite it being arguably the biggest milestone in their parental lives so far, only 3 in ten reported feelings of excitement.

With a new chapter, comes new challenges. Mums and Dads are most apprehensive about bedtimes with 2 in 5 parents reporting the challenge (40.3%) and a further third (34%) already dreading the homework and projects. Perhaps it’s not the children who need their hands held but the parents themselves?

Aston spoke to Angelica Bell, TV presenter to discuss the research and offered different ways parents can ease into the dawn of a new era.