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TV presenter Chris Packham CBE on Gateway

8th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The issue of climate change has begun to take center stage in the British conscience, with media reporting on the devastating impact of climate change and social media rife with opinion as to how society can be more environmentally friendly.

However, it appears that a lack of understanding of the steps people could take to prevent climate change, from an energy perspective, could be hindering Britain’s efforts to meet the 2050 carbon target. Perhaps it’s no surprise that new research conducted by Smart Energy GB, The University of Salford and the Energy Saving Trust revealed that only 30% of the British public ranked being energy efficient as having the biggest impact on the environment.

There is a willingness from the British public to do more, 62% believe it’s their responsibility to tackle climate change and are already playing a part by recycling or reusing products (75%). However, only 3% of the last two years 25,000 (24,429) climate change stories in national news sources have had any mention of energy efficiency.

Aston spoke to Chris Packham CBE, TV presenter to discuss how exactly energy efficiency fits in as the ‘missing piece’ in the climate change debate.