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Vix Leyton reveals stigmas around splitting the bill

We also know that the great British public is known for their politeness – but as the cost of living continues to ring true for many, how far we are willing to take it?

In true British style, splitting the bill can be an awkward conversation and in fact, almost 1 in 3 (30%) of us admit we would pay more than our ‘fair share’ of the bill so as not to draw attention to it, not appear rude and because we feel embarrassed to admit we can’t afford it. What’s more, a fifth of us would rather buy our own drink, separate to the round, to avoid the awkward conundrum of repaying the group.

While directness isn’t a quintessential British trait, we are becoming more articulate when it comes to our financial boundaries, with 43% of us saying we would politely decline an invitation to a stag or a hen-do if we couldn’t afford it. According to new research by hotukdeals, there is still a stigma around using money saving vouchers as only half (50%) of us say it wouldn’t bother us at all to use a voucher in a social situation.

Aston spoke to podcaster, comedian and consumer expert Vix Leyton.

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

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