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Volunteering movement on the rise

18th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

While stereotypes of young people might be more ‘liking’ and ‘swiping’ than donating and volunteering, it seems the young adults of Britain are more willing to give up their time for good causes than any other age demographic.

The Gift of Time report by British Heart Foundation highlights that young adults are more committed to volunteering to make a difference. Figures show that under 35s give their time to a charity more than any other age group with up to a quarter (25%) of 25- 34-year olds currently giving up their time for charities, compared to just over one in eight (13%) adults aged 45-54.

In contrast, the figures show that a number of Brits don’t volunteer; almost one in 10 (8%) 16-24 year olds say giving their time to charity doesn’t interest them – compared to a one in five (20%) of their older counterparts (55 and over).

Aston spoke to Linda Fenn, head of volunteering at British Heart Foundation to discuss the new findings and how the British public can get more involved with volunteering.