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Will Mellor on the great pie divide

27th November 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

While now should be a time when we all come together, there’s just one question that is dividing the nation as possibly the most hotly debated topic of 2020 – which pie is the true King of the Crust?

A new survey from Holland’s Pies shows that our pie preferences differ greatly from the north to the south. While it’s considered the perfect family meal by almost eight in 10 (78%) Brits, it seems that’s as far as the agreement goes as the country is divided in its choice of favourite filling. The UK’s top 3 preferred choices are Steak, Steak & Kidney and Chicken & Mushroom, but the regions certainly feel differently!

Steak pie, the football stadium staple, is the favourite in Yorkshire (25%), East (18%) and West (20%) Midlands and Scotland (34%). But if you travel further down the M1, the top pie is Chicken & Mushroom for London (20%) and the South West (21%). And in the North West, home of Holland’s Pies – the classic Potato and Meat tops the charts (20%).

Aston spoke to actor Will Mellor who shared his favourite pie filling and why coming together over a good meal is at the heart of the nation’s families.