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Will-Writing misconceptions

17th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

No one likes to think too much about dying and planning what will happen to your assets can seem lengthy and complicated. But planning ahead ensures loved ones are not forced to make stressful decisions and your final wishes are known.

New research released today from the British Heart Foundation reveals that we’re in the dark when it comes to leaving behind money as three in five (61%) people have no idea how to write a Will or update an existing one.

Underqualification is a big worry, as on average people believe they would need to have over £140,000 to even consider leaving a gift to a charity in their will. Large numbers of people also say they would only write a Will if they were diagnosed with a serious health condition (53%), purchased a property (32%), had a baby (31%), or if a close relative died (30%).

Although we are a nation that loves to give – with around half (47%) preferring to give a gift than to receive one – nearly one in five (17%) of us don’t know that we could leave a gift to a charity in their Will.

Aston spoke to Becky Cooke, legacy marketing manager for BHF (British Heart Foundation) to discuss our reluctance and misinformation when it comes to writing a Will and how we can ensure we’re leaving behind exactly what we want.