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World Menopause Month

As World Menopause Month approaches, new research from Viridian Nutrition has found that, due to the increase in the cost of living, over half (53%) of UK women aged 45-55 have put their health to one side. As a result, many are finding that their menopause symptoms are becoming difficult to cope with – 91% suffer noticeable symptoms and nearly half claim it impacts their daily life. And with NHS and GP wait times at a continued all-time high, more than half (53%) have been unable to talk to a medical professional.

One of the key challenges women face, is lack of information. With over 40 symptoms, it can be hard to diagnose the menopause – 1 in 5 women take more than a year to get the support they need. So, what can they do to address symptoms and alleviate anxiety? Well, one way is by actively recording symptoms. It’s important for women to identify and understand the effects so they can prepare for appointments with medical professionals and get the solutions they need and deserve.

So, this World Menopause Month is the perfect time for UK women to learn more about what they are going through, speak to more easily accessible experts and get the support they need.

Aston spoke to author and nutritionist Aimee Benbow.

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