Posted by Aston Avery

World Patient Safety Day

The Richmond Research Institute (RRI) stands as an independent, not-for-profit academic research unit. A focal point of their work lies in patient safety, particularly concerning the unwanted effects of drugs. Rooted in rigorous academic methodologies, RRI addresses the pressing challenges of clinical research. Their approach encompasses collecting physiological data, large dataset analysis, and delving into precision medicine, all of which offer insights into optimizing clinical trial safety and bolstering patient outcomes.

Innovation at RRI adheres to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that while they push boundaries, patient well-being during clinical trials remains paramount.

World Patient Safety Day offers a prime opportunity to underscore the importance of dedication to patient safety. In response to the 2023 theme, “Engaging Patients for Patient Safety,” RRI recognizes the pivotal role patients play in healthcare’s evolving landscape.

Aston spoke to Richmond Research Institute’s chief scientific officer James Rickard.

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