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c2c changes the location signs of Basildon Station to Basildon Mind to raise awareness of Mental Health

Later this month is Mental Health Awareness week and by partnering with c2c, Basildon Mind wants to raise awareness of the help that Basildon Mind provides to the local community for better mental healthFor the month of May, c2c have changed the location signs at Basildon station, to Basildon Mind.

Basildon Mind aims, during Mental Health Awareness Month, by changing Basildon station to Basildon Mind, that all the passengers and staff using or passing through the station, know that Basildon Mind is there to provide help and support for the 1 in 4 of us that will have a mental health issue this year. So that No Mind is Left Behind, #NoMindLeftBehind.

John Birkett, Chair at Basildon Mind, said;

“We are so thankful for the support given to us by c2c in raising awareness of Mental Health and the help and support that anyone can get from Basildon Mind and the other local Minds along the route. We would like other local businesses to partner with us to help improve the mental health of local people.

We hope that when the commuters see the new signs that will be up all this month, that they will search and find the services that Basildon Mind and the other 5 local Minds along the route provide for their community. We hope this partnership with c2c, will grow and grow.

Almost of all the services we provide are funded by us here at Basildon Mind. We rely on the local community, individuals, companies, schools, and groups to fundraise for us.

At Basildon Mind, we provide counselling to adults, young people and children aged 7 and above. Through our partnership with the Sophie Grierson Fund, we are able to provide 12 hours of emergency one-to-one counselling to young people in severe mental health distress.

Our Helpline, on 01268 284130, provides support and signposting to our and other services. But most of all it is somewhere anyone can call and be listened to.

We also run a number of supported flats and houses that provide care and support to those with longer-term mental ill health.

Our Wellbeing activities, include 4 weekly ‘walk and talk’s (walks accompanied by an experienced counsellor, followed by refreshments and social interaction) and gardening at our Allotment in Vange, provide a safe and healthy environment which we know improves both physical and mental health.

In partnerships with other local Minds, The Crisis Sanctuary and the Crisis Sanctuary Plus House, allow for short-term respite from the stresses and strains that impact our mental health.

We also have flats and houses that provide care and support to those with longer-term mental ill health.

Please contact us to see how you can improve mental health awareness and make sure that no mind is left behind.”

c2c’s Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Paul McGunnigle-White, spoke about the collaboration:

“c2c is proud to be teaming up with Basildon Mind to promote Mental Health Awareness Week and the fantastic work that Basildon Mind do in the local community. 

Basildon is one of the busiest stations on the c2c route, so this will not only benefit our customers, but also many of our colleagues who live in the local area. Mental health awareness is a far-reaching topic and a big part of c2c’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy; we want to highlight the importance of good mental health and signpost our communities to the right place, where they can find help and support for themselves and their families during distressing times. 

We are proud to work with our communities to tackle mental health issues and the stigma that may be attached. We hope this simple activation with Basildon Mind will help anyone struggling feel less alone and that they have somewhere to turn.”

Ryan spoke to Stuart Short, lead fundraiser at Basildon Mind and John Birkett, chair at Basildon Mind.

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