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Have group selfies passed their shelf life?

The days of the group selfie may be numbered as more than half of Brits admit they’re fed up with photography fails, new research reveals.

While the average person takes anywhere between one and 40 group selfies every week, just 10% are happy with the results.

A third of people say they have already given up on them, and over half (52%) wish there was a better way of capturing group shots rather than the standard (and awkward) hold-out method.

This pressure to try and capture good photos is leading to almost half (48%) of us saying there is always one person missing from our most treasured captured memories because they are playing the role of photographer, so they can get it right, rather than being in the snap. With two in five (40%) of cases having one family member consistently missing from photos.

The latest generation of foldables are flipping photography on its head by enabling hands-free selfies as well as a compact design half the size of a normal smartphone.

Ryan spoke to James Kitto, Samsung UK & Ireland vice president of sales.

Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

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