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JJ Chalmers on the power of gardening

With spring in the air and the Chelsea Flower Show kicking off today, a new study reveals the high value placed on gardening, exploring its impact on physical health, mental well-being, and environmental awareness. According to the study, 70% of Brits believe gardening encourages them to get outdoors, promoting physical activity and exposure to fresh air.

62% say they appreciate the connection with nature that gardening provides, which enhances their overall sense of well-being. Many find that gardening significantly improves mental health, with 59% stating it serves as a natural stress reliever.

The study from the Game Changers campaign, also highlights that 55% of Brits believe gardening helps keep their bodies active, contributing to a healthier lifestyle. 54% enjoy how gardening attracts wildlife to their spaces, enriching their environment. Mental engagement is another benefit, with 51% believing that gardening keeps their minds active and engaged. Additionally, 48% agree that gardening reduces stress and promotes relaxation, while 47% appreciate the beauty gardening brings to their surroundings. Practical benefits include 39% valuing the ability to grow fresh, homegrown produce, which enhances their diet and reduces grocery bills, and 34% feeling that gardening improves the aesthetics of their property, adding to its value.

Ari spoke to TV presenter and former marine JJ Chalmers and Nicole, director of Global Generation.

Photo by Jonathan Hanna on Unsplash

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