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Listen: Prioritising efficient energy

The survey is analysed in Grundfos’ new white paper titled, ‘Efficient Futures: An Exploration of Energy Efficiency Attitudes and Solutions in Bellwether Seats.’ Findings uncover that most people (71%) in bellwether seats believe the government is not doing enough to help households lower their energy bills. Those who voted Conservative in 2019 and plan to vote Labour in the coming election feel particularly strongly about this, with 81% of these ‘switchers’ stating that the government is not doing enough.

Even among those who feel that the government is doing enough, a majority (55%) would like to see them do more. Energy efficiency is therefore set to influence voting behaviours in the general election, with six in ten more inclined to vote for a party that supports it, rising to eight in ten among switchers to Labour.

Desire for government support is exacerbated by voters’ doubts about how energy efficient their home is. Only one in five voters are ‘very confident’ that their home is as energy efficient as it can be.

Ros spoke to Glynn Williams, UK country director at Grundfos

Photo by Sies Kranen on Unsplash

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