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Naughty Brits abroad

Excitement, spontaneity, and discretion…these are the reasons given by cheating husbands and wives who have had extra-marital experiences when travelling for work or on holiday.  And two out of five cheating women, and one out of five cheating men, say this was the first time they’d played away from home.

According to research published today nearly two thirds of cheating spouses say it’s easier to be discreet during a trip than it is on home ground.

The survey by Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married dating site, concludes travelling to a new destination sparks excitement and adventure, which in turn encourages people to be open to trying new things.  Four out of ten of those questioned (43%) said having an affair while travelling felt more exciting. And one in three (35%) claim it’s easier to compartmentalize, compared to having an affair at home.

Ros spoke to psychotherapist Lucy Beresford.

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

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