Posted by Ros Connors

NHS Cancer Bus comes to Basildon

For the first time, the ‘NHS Bus-ting Cancer’ Tour is coming to Basildon!

An NHS-branded bus is travelling the country to help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer and to encourage people to contact their GP practice if they notice something in their body that doesn’t feel right, because finding cancer early makes it more treatable and can save lives. 

Kicking off its tour, the bus will head to its first stop in Grimsby on Monday 27th November, before moving on to Coventry, Nottingham, and Basildon and will complete its route in Portsmouth on Friday 1st December. 

On Thursday 30th November, the bus will be at St Martins Square, Basildon where local NHS staff, charity workers and cancer survivors will be talking to people about common cancer symptoms and encouraging them to act on changes in their body that are unusual for them.

Ros spoke to Dr Hilary Jones.

Aris spoke to a Basildon cancer doctor

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