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Replacing menopausal workers costs billions

Millions of women are currently experiencing the menopause in the UK. Menopause has a wide range of mental and physical effects; including low mood, brain fog, anxiety, migraines, aches, and palpitations, making the everyday increasingly difficult.

Many women experience difficulties in having their menopause related concerns listened to and have difficulties accessing advice and help on the menopause. One of the difficulties in accessing appropriate advice is the wide range of symptoms that women may experience, and the fact that some of these symptoms can overlap with other conditions. Whilst most women attribute hot flushes and night sweats to the menopause, many do not associate other symptoms (such as tiredness, low mood, anxiety, poor memory and concentration or sensation of brain fog) to the menopause and worry about the cause of these symptoms or may fail to understand why they are experiencing them. Many women may experience troublesome symptoms related to the menopause for several years. This can have a detrimental impact on their quality of life, wellbeing and may also have a significant impact on their work.

Menopause, though widely known, isn’t truly understood apart from those who are going through it. However, with the right care and treatment, things can be easier for every woman.

Ryan spoke to Adele Wragg, founder of Feminapause.

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