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Russ Kane’s book: The Gatekeeper

4th July 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Fans of Russ Kane’s characteristic humour and dry wit have described his new book, ‘The Gatekeeper’, as “utterly brilliant and the work of a genius”.

The Gatekeeper is a globe-trotting mystery that brings Russ’ trademark comedic style into the realm of horror. Every 20 years, the Gates of Hell open and chaos reigns over the Earth. One ordinary person is appointed as The Gatekeeper tasked with attempting to keep the Gates closed and this time, the job falls to Nick Gold, a 32-year-old, cynical and boozed-up, TV presenter living in Balham, South London. He’s on his fourth series of ‘Nick Gold – Paranormal Detective’ – a show that he doesn’t believe in, but he likes the income it brings.

Slowly, as he follows a trail of seemingly unexplained deaths across several continents, he comes to realise that, despite his disbelief and deep cynicism, something very nasty is happening. With no wish to accept his celestial role, Nick Gold realises that he is, indeed, The Gatekeeper and with the not-always helpful company of American ball-busting lawyer Lesley-Ann Trobe, Nick attempts to unravel the mystery and ultimately try to prevent Lucifer and his hoards from creating havoc.

Johnny spoke to Russ on Drivetime: