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Should sunglasses be a part of school uniform?

27th June 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

UK parents are concerned about the dangers of UV, with new research of mums and dads with children aged 4-12 finding over half (54%) want sunglasses to become an official part of the school uniform.

NICE guidance recommends schools adopt a Sun Safety Policy and share advice on UV protection with parents, but two fifths of parents (40%) polled have no idea whether their child’s school even has such a policy.

Around a quarter of those parents (23%) even claim their child’s school does not allow them to wear sunglasses on school grounds.

There is still unawareness among parents, with around a fifth (17%) claiming they don’t think it’s ever sunny enough to warrantsunglasses in the UK.

Even when the sun isn’t shining, UV rays are still present and doing damage, which is why children’s sunglasses brand monkey monkey is raising awareness of the importance of protecting children’s eyes, as well as their skin, all year round.

Johnny spoke to optometrist, Rosie Gauzey: