Posted by Ros Connors

Space travel no long light years away

Last week marked British Science Week where we celebrate the genius of science, technology, engineering and maths. After the visit to space last year by billionaire space entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, new research has shown that across the UK we no longer see space travel as light years away. Two fifths (40%) of the nations parents have even said they think that the first person will set foot on Mars within their child’s lifetime.

The research, conducted by Thales in the UK and surveying over 2,000 parents of children aged 5-16 across the UK, also found that 26% of them believe their children will have the opportunity to visit a space hotel in their lifetime. Over a fifth (22%) also think they’ll be able to visit the international space station.

To provide students with the opportunity to channel their interest in STEM and space travel, aerospace company Thales Alenia Space is launched its latest MARSBalloon project in the UK.

Ros spoke to astrophysicist and broadcaster Dr Emma Osbourne.

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