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The power of the cold shower

Thousands of Brits could be soaking up unwanted side effects when they shower, as new research has revealed that almost half (43%) of the UK takes no notice of the temperature they shower at.

Cold showers can soothe the mind, body, and soul, with clear benefits for our physical and mental health – yet the nation remains largely unaware about how valuable dialing down the temperature of their daily showers can be, with one in ten (13%) even admitting they “don’t care” whether their showers are too hot.

Known to trigger a host of conditions – including inflamed skin, itching, and in some cases, peeling of the skin. By damaging keratin cells on the outer level of our skin, hot water creates dryness that by removing the ‘tool’ the body uses to lock moisture in, intensifying uncomfortable symptoms and exaggerating eczema.

Ryan spoke to Jamie Facer-Childs, medical doctor & adventurer and Emma Foster, marketing director at Mira Showers.

Photo by Carson Masterson on Unsplash

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