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Gateway 97.8 old skool Dance show 5.

28th May 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8
Welcome to the Gateway 97.8 old skool dance show 5 blog where you will find information on definitive cuts from the golden era of House, Drum and Base and Club music from 1986 to 2006.

This Track listing is from show 5 and follows along with some informative/trainspotting facts about the tunes played.





           Artist         –          Title        
1.       Shades Of Rhythm – Sound Of Eden
Reached No 35 in the UK charts.
The “old skool drum and Bass”  Triple Tracks
2.       Goldie – Inner city life
Reached No 39 in the UK charts
3.      Leviticus – Burial
Reached No 66 in the UK charts
4.      Origin Unknown – Vally of The Shadows
Reached No 60 in the UK charts.
5.       Mr Jack – Wiggle world
Reached No 32 in the UK charts.
The “old skool girls school “ Triple Tracks
6.      Kayra – Let me love you for tonight
Reached No 22 in the UK charts
7.      Baby D –  So pure
Reached No 7 in the UK charts
8.      Grace – Not Over Yet (Perfecto Remix)
Reached No 3 in the UK charts
9.    Shut up and dance – Raving Im Raving
Reached No 2 in the UK charts
11.  Aphex twin – Digeridoo
Reached No 39  in the UK charts
——————————————Hour 2——————————————-
“the 1980’s house triple tracks”
12.   Kraze – The Party
Reached No 29 in the UK charts
13.  Nitro Delux – This Brutal House
Reached No 47 in the UK charts
14.   Royal House –  Can you feel it
Reached No 14 in the UK charts
15.  Darude – Sandstorm
Reached No 3 in the UK charts
16. Prodity – Firestarter
Reached No 1 in the UK charts
“old skool triple tracks” from a year in old skool history  – 1993
17.  Capricorn – 2o hz
Reached No 73 in the UK charts
18. SL2 – Way In My Brain
Reached No 11 in the UK charts
19. Robin S  – Show Me Love
Reached No 6 in the UK charts
“old skool record labels triple tracks”  –  Cheeky Records
20. Gloworm –  I Lift My Cup
Reached No 20 in the UK charts
21. Faithless – God Is A DJ
Reached No 6 in the UK charts
22. Faithless  – Insomia
Reached No 3 in the UK charts
Old Skool will be back this coming Bank Holiday Monday.