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The Inspiration Zone this Sunday at 3pm

5th November 2015
Posted by Ros Connors

ATT_1446564335497_meNeed a lift?

Had a tough week?

Then please join TV presenter Jag Singh on the Inspiration Zone, a special radio exclusive coming to you only on Gateway 97.8.

The Inspiration Zone will motivate, inspire and keep you pushing towards your happiness and goals. Jag, who is from Grays, will be interviewing guests who have overcome their challenges through persistence, bravery and faith.

In this first show, Jag speaks to Bobby Singh, who talks openly about what it was like to be a young Sikh boy growing up in 1970’s London. The difficulties and the hostilities he and his family encountered, and overcame.

What is it like to be a Sikh in 21st Century Britain?

Have attitudes really changed since the 70’s? The show explores these questions.

The Inspiration Zone will also entertain and present some of the greatest motivational Indian, English and Punjabi music as well as words of inspiration from the greatest motivational speakers of our time to encourage you at the start of a new week. So please join Jag Singh on Remembrance Sunday at 3 o’clock here on Gateway 97.8