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The I-Zone: The Recruit Group

24th November 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan

In order to provide for ourselves and our families we all need to have a form of permanent or temporary employment depending on our circumstances. Having this income helps us to keep on top of those bills and make sure that we provide the day to day necessities of life for those who we love and care for. But for many people it can be a struggle and challenge to gain that stable job and this sometimes can be due to many factors.


Join me, Jag Singh on Sunday the 27th at 15:00 and my special guest on ‘The Inspiration Zone’ this week will be Charlie Akerman who is the on site recruitment manager for the agency recruitment company TRG (The Recruit Group) Logistics. Charlie will be sharing his experience and knowledge on what steps an individual should take when applying for vacancies, he will also be speaking about the recruitment process his company follow to provide employment for hundred’s of individuals for driving jobs all over the country.


If you are struggling to get that job, log onto our local radio Gateway 97.8 on Sunday and let ‘The Inspiration Zone’ provide you with the stimulation and motivation you need to get yourself into gear and take action to better your life. Charlie is currently the on site TRG manager for the Tesco Thurrock Distribution Centre in Purfleet, Essex and recruits and manages hundreds of agency staff for the depot on a regular basis. TRG also cover many other sites around the country and are always looking for drivers on a regular basis. So, if you have a clean driving licence and are interested in a career in driving please contact TRG on the website below and they will gladly provide you with their expert advice and knowledge.


On Sunday, I will also be providing motivational music from the legendary Nelly, my main man Tazzz and the kings of Punjabi music RDB (Rhythm, Dhol and Bass). This weeks powerful motivational message to get you into a positive state of mind will be from Team Fearless, California, the leaders in inspirational words and music.


So, sit back, buckle up, take a deep breathe, relax and get ready for the inspirational roller-coaster ride with me Jag Singh on Sunday.

Be Motivated…Be Inspired…Be There!


TRG Logistics:

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