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Gateway 97.8 Radio Club Xmas Party

22nd December 2019
Posted by Radio Club

On Saturday 21st December 2019, Gateway 97.8 Radio Club were treated to a suprise Christmas Party and the Radio Club members really enjoyed the atmosphere.

The Radio Club members enjoyed the Food on offer which comprised of Pizza, Cakes, Biscuics, Mince Pies and many more. The Food was very tasty and the soft drinks which included: Orange Squash and Blackcurrent had lots of Flavouring and all the Radio Club members really tucked into the food and drink very rapidly.

The Party featured two classic games: Pass The Parcel and Musical Staues which were both great fun. Congratulations everyone for taking part.

The Music was amazing featuring classic Xmas Hits and all the Gateway 97.8 Radio Club sung along to the music and pulled of lots of great dance moves to improve the entertainment. It was like being in a Kareoke Club.

Below are some Photographs of our Radio Club enjoying the Xmas Party atmosphere.

Huge Thanks to Ari, Johnny and Laura for organzing the Xmas Party, we all had a great time. Merry Christmas from Gateway 97.8 Radio Club. See you on Saturday 4th January 2020.