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Roll Up Radio Club! Circus Workshop at the Basildon Market!

18th May 2019
Posted by Radio Club

Today, Millie, Dion, Josh And I (Heather) took a chance of a lifetime. We got the chance to learn skills so we can join the circus.

Plate Spinning

We met with Mark and Charlie who are a father and son duo who held an open day for children to learn circus skills for free in the Basildon Market. As well as getting an interview, we at the radio club had a bit of a competition and a few lessons in the art as well.

Josh Showing off his Juggling skills

We had loads of fun and our boys vs girls competition ended up a tie, results being none of us could really get the hang of it. We also learned how to do juggling and some baton twirling which was interesting to learn. I also showed off my hula hooping skills, which did stun a few people.

Millie said: ” I really enjoyed the plate spinning, it was really fun to learn.” We are thankful for the opportunity and enhancing our Circus skills.

The interview with Mark:

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