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The Record Shop Top 30 Albums of 2012 Part One – Tracks Played

11th December 2012
Posted by Cat Norris

    Welcome to the blog for ‘The Record Shop’

This weeks edition of The Record Shop was very special as we started to count down the best 30 albums released in 2012. Part one featured tracks from Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny, Jim White, Lightships, The Wooden Sky, Lonely Drifter Karen, Shearwater, Anais Mitchell and Beach House.  

On next weeks show we will be broadcasting part two of the Top 30 albums of 2012, where we will be counting down from 15 all the way to Number 1. Tune in at 9pm to Gateway97.8 on Tuesday the 18th of December to hear if your favourite album of the year will be featured.

Thanks for listening. Cat x

The Record Shop Top 30 Albums Of 2012 (with Artist-Band /Label/ Track info)

Number 30 – Yours Truly Cellophane Nose by Beth Jeans Houghton & the Hooves of Destiny (Mute Artists)

Track Played – Sweet Tooth Bird

Number 29 – Where It Hits You by Jim White (Loose)

Track Played – Here We Go

Number 28 – Other Worlds by Taken by Trees (Secretly Canadian)

Track Played – Large

Number 27 – Electric Cables by Lightships (Geographic)

Track Played – Two Lines

Number 26 – Poles by Lonely Drifter Karen (Crammed Discs)

Track Played – Eyes Of A Wolf

Number 25 – Sweet Lights by Sweet Lights (Highline Records)

Track Played – Message On The Wire

Number 24 –  Blood Rushing by Josephine Foster (Fire Records)

Track Played – Geyser

Number 23Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun by

The Wooden Sky (Loose)

Track Played – Take Me Out

Number 22 – Sun by Cat Power (Matador Records)

Track Played – Manhattan

Number 21A Different Ship by Here We Go Magic (Secretly Canadian)

Track Played – Hard To Be Close

Number 20 – Poor Moon by Poor Moon (Bella Union)

Track Played – Same Way

Number 19 – Young Man In America by Anais Mitchell (Wilderland Records)

Track Played – Venus

Number 18 – Animal Joy by Shearwater (Sub Pop)

Track Played – You As You Were

Number 17 – Tempest by Bob Dylan (Columbia)

Track Played – Soon After Midnight

Number 16 – Bloom by Beach House (Bella Union)

Track Played – Other People