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The Music of the Mid-20th.Century laid the foundations for the songs which was to follow over the decades & led to todays modern sounds. Every Sunday 4pm to 6pm I’ll take you back to those classic tracks of the sweethearts,crooners,big bands & groups of the day. The first hour we listen to the classics tracks of the 40’s  early 50’s….In the second hour we go to the mid to late fifties for that good ol’ RnR.
 You can join in with your favourite songs from the era by sending in your requests to :-
[email protected]   ..If you are a child of the era “Scratchy” will bring back your happy memories..if you are too young to remember this age you will get a chance to hear the tunes which led to this modern age & your songs of today.
 So join Me & we will chill out together at 4pm on Gateway 97.8 every Sunday on “THE SCRATCHY RECORD SHOW”
Arthur Johnson

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