Neil Gits A Cracked Nail

24th September 2021
Posted by Neil Matthew

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Every Monday between 7 & 9pm on Gateway I bring you a very carefully selected bunch of tunes for you to savour, including super smooth soul, some funky rhythms, the occasional groovy jazzy bit and a sprinkling of those all-time great dancefloor anthems and I’d like to think that, along with my ‘amusing banter’ in between and my ‘legendary features’ alongside, you enjoy a happy & relaxing experience …

But it is not always smooth sailing behind the scenes ! Having been presenting “The Old Gits Soul Show” for 11 years now, I feel pretty comfortable in the studio and know just how to deal with most of those little “techy situations” that occasionally come my way and are far too boring to describe here. Sometimes however I will be thrown off track completely by something I have no control over whatsoever, like very loud drilling suddenly taking place somewhere near our Eastgate studios or maybe the time a tiny little insect flew into my eye exactly whilst I was talking – I don’t think I swore then, but I could easily have done !!!

This week was one of those occasions. About halfway through, I discovered that I had inexplicably broken a thumb nail and the thing was catching on EVERYTHING and really getting on my nerves. So with no nail scissors on me (I don’t use a handbag !) I waited for the next long song on my paylist and went at it with my bare teeth – job done and on with the show ! These are the tracks I played last Monday, hear them again on the ‘Repeat Play’ at 5pm this Saturday … and see if you can work out where I might have been solving that irritating problem 😉

The Tunes – Monday 20th September 2021

Players Association – Turn The Music Up

Lew Kirton – Just Can’t Get Enough

PrivatProjekt ft Stefanie S – C’mon (Nigel Lowis Mix)

Lou Rawls – See You When I Get There

Al Wilson – The Snake

Main Ingredient – Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely

Howard Johnson – Forever Falling In Love

Quiet Boys feat Camelle Hinds – State Of Mind

Garcia Walker & Durrell – Just Gotta Have You

BB & Q Band – Dreamer

Eugene Wilde – Personality

Rick James – Ghetto Life

African Music Machine – Black Water Gold

Stevie Wonder – Uptight

Rufus Thomas – Do The Funky Chicken

Silver Convention – Fly Robin Fly

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Stool Pigeon

Kay Jay – Hold On To You

Vanessa Poolian – Movin’ On

Aretha Franklin – Day Dreaming

Tease – Firestarter

Tina Charles – I Love To Love

Eastbound Expressway – Never Let Go

Ritual – Sore Lip

Feel free to get in touch with your soulful request or just for a mention on the show – post on “The Old Gits Soul Show” page on Facebook or message me personally …

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The Old Gits Soul Show is on Gateway 97.8 in Basildon & East Thurrock and also around the world via from 7pm–9pm every Monday, also repeated on Saturday evening from 5pm–7pm, plus you can hear it again anytime you like via the “Listen Again” button on the Gateway website – search “Cool Soul” !

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