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Neil Gits Back On The Street

2nd June 2024
Posted by Neil Matthew

One of my regular features on the show each week is “The Soul Connection” where I play three songs which are linked (sometimes rather tenuosly !) by their titles or the names of the artists performing them. Two weeks ago on my birthday show the answer was “Coronation Street” with each singer played sharing their first name with that of one of the current main cast members. If you go to my Facebook page “The Old Gits Soul Show” you can see exactly what songs I played to create the link and check back through other ideas used recently, should you wish to get ‘in the zone’ and attempt a crack at it this Monday …

“The Street” was always a ‘must watch’ show in our house growing up, my mum’s side of the family all hailing from an area very close to where the fictional town of Weatherfield is supposedly located, with many local landmarks often featuring in the programme. Alas, after around 50 years of tuning in to the soap religiously (and THREE visits to the set & studio tour!) I quickly drifted away from the cobbles in 2020. The decision to change the filming process rapidly broke the bond of credulity so strongly established over the decades and at a time when we all needed something ‘normal’ on the box to cling on to during all the madness in the world at that time. Catching up on classic shows I’d never seen before on Netflix, BritBox, Amazon Prime & The BBC I Player took its for me … and so it remains to this day !

However, as anyone will tell you, I am very thorough when it comes to preparing anything in my life, whether it is a quiz night or just the weekly shopping list for Asda ! “The Soul Connection” is no exception, so just to make sure I chose three characters who are still very much part of the show, I watched two episodes – which quickly became four as I got sucked right back into life in Greater Manchester ! Almost all the old faces had aged noticeably in the last four years and the picture quality was more “film-like”, but that could be my internet as I stream everything I watch now, having cancelled my Sky subscription to save money …

I could well be paying another visit to Coronation Street soon (from my comfy sofa – n ot a forth set visit!) as I like to unwind witht the telly each evening after a day prepping my show, editing & loading photos or doing other online stuff. See if you can work out the connection I chose for last Monday by going to our “Listen Again” page to catch up on the whole show or just have a glance at the playlist posted below and see if anything jumps out at you from the song titles chosen …

The Tunes – Monday 27th May 2024

Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine
Odyssey – Native New Yorker
Michael Gray – Ivy
Marlena Shaw – It’s Better Than Walking Out
Lulu – ICould Never Miss You More Than I Do
Lulu – If I Were You
Sam & Dave – When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
Gwen Guthrie – Passion Eyes
Stephanie Mills – Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin’
Newbeats – Run Baby Run
Diana Ross – Upside Down (Groovefunkel Remix)
George Benson – Dinorah Dinorah
Citrus Sun – Down For The Third Time
Aretha Franklin – Who’s Zoomin’ Who
Shannon – Sweet Somebody
Ultra Nate – Free
AP Connection ft Howard Johnson – Smokin’ Train
Lamont Dozier – Right Where I Wanna Be
Nina Simone – I Put A Spell On You
Tony Lindsay – I’m Not That Cat
Millie Jackson – Wanna Be Your Lover
Dazz Band – Let It All Blow
Incognito – Nothing Makes Me Feel Better

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