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Neil Gits Fertilized

3rd June 2023
Posted by Neil Matthew

Last week I wrote in great detail about how I’d got my car super clean inside and out for summer, ready for those nice warm, sunny English days that you just HAVE to make the most of – because they are quite rare ! So when one such day came along right on cue on my birthday a couple of weeks ago, everything seemed lined up for a lovely stress free drive out to rural Suffolk for a couple of ciders in a pub by the river, cruising along with some tunes in my spotless “Neil-Mobile” …

I thought that for once I’d gotten away with just a harmless little bit of bird poop soiling the carwash team’s hard work, but no – much worse was to follow ! On our way back home late afternoon through the many fields and narrow country lanes, one farmer was giving his land a right good watering with one of those giant rotating sprays you often see built into the pitch at big football stadiums, treating the grass pre-match. Well, none of the spectators get wet from those to my knowledge, so surely even though it looked to be spraying a little close to the road ahead, I was confident we could pass it by without incident. Wrong !!!

At the precise moment I drove past it’s closest point to the hedge, we got absolutely drowned in water (luckily I don’t have a convertable!) – it was like going through a two second car wash ! The problem was this wasn’t clean water (it didn’t need to be – it was for the fields!) and when we stopped at Tesco about half an hour later for supplies & nibbles, I saw that my previously pristine car was covered in filthy brown streaks on the drivers side and bonnet where it had copped the worst !! Fearing the worst and that an element of fertilizer might be involved I took a deep sigh , I made a mental note to return to the carwash and get all that muck removed first thing the next week …. groan !

All good clean fun on the show this week ! Much banter on Facebook (check out “The Old Gits Soul Show” page) and lots of tip top quality soul and more on the playlist – repeated soon on Gateway from 5-7pm :

This Week’s Tunes – Monday 29th May

Chantal Curtis – Get Another Love
Detroit Spinners – Body Language
Butch & Rhonda Coleman – Yellow Butterfly
Tina Turner – Backstabbers
McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now
Dwayne Scivally – Is It Me
Deniece Williams – You’re All That Matters
Helen Bruner & Terry Jones – I Can’t Call It
Earth Wind & Fire -The Speed Of Love
Roberta Flack/Donnie Hathaway-Back Together Again
Bombers – Everybody Get Dancing (Extended Mix)
Underground – Behind My Back
Oliver Sain – Bus Stop
Tristan – Diamonds
Quincy Jones – One Hundred Ways
Caprice – 100%
Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love
Maysa – His Love
Terrill feat Ray Parker Jr – Gravity
Aretha Franklin – I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
Beverley Knight – Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You
Pioneers – Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
Matthew Winchester – This Thing Called Love

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