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Neil Gits Misinformation

14th October 2022
Posted by Neil Matthew

With all the mileage I’ve been clocking up in my new retired life, ticking off bucket list items by the … er … bucketload , I’ve got quite used to the various motorways around the country and have to say the new stretches of “smart motorway” work quite well for me, despite my complete mistrust of modern tgechnology !! The major way in which they are NOT a good idea is that they don’t seem to have a hard-shoulder, so despite what the “go left” adverts tell you to do, you are completely screwed should your car suddenly conk out leaving you at the mercy of the next big juggernaut to come along in the inside lane !!

The information the signs give out is usually pretty helpful in planning ahead, although that “reported obstruction” often never materializes and those “pedestrians on the road” are usually nowhere to be seen. However, on one road trip recently I was told that the M25 was closed at the junction I needed to leave at – and it wasn’t. They said there were 25 minute delays on the M4 between two upcoming junctions – and I sailed right through. Then as if I hadn’t been caused enough unnecessary stress one sign suddenly flashed up the words “oncoming vehicle” – not two words that you want to see bombing down a motorway at 70 mph !! But again – thankfully, not true ….

We all make mistakes and on my show I try really hard to research plenty of interesting facts about the songs and the artists I play, but if I do appear to have slipped up, feel free to contact me via the usual channels, although unlike the road sign warnings , it is unlikely to be a matter of life or death if I do make an a error. And in any case the show is all about the music, so just tune in and enjoy – here is the latest paylist :

Chic – Everybody Dance

Al Jarreau – Boogie Down

Paul Johnson – Better Than This

Three Degrees – Giving Up Giving In

Sheila Ferguson – Fool Of The Year

Lindsey Webster – I’m OK

Stylistics – Break Up To Make Up

Total Contrast – Sunshine

Wish – Nice & Soft

Chaka Khan – I Feel For You

Shannon – Let The Music Play (12” version)

Temptations – Ready Willing & Able

Jean Carn – Start The Fire

Arthur Conley – Sweet Soul Music

George McCrae – Rock Your Baby

Drifters – Come On Over To My Place

Lorraine Clarke-McGhie – Do You Know

Kim Tibbs – Over Again

Commodores – Easy

Ruby Turner – In My Life (It’s Better To Be In Love)

Klique – I Can’t Shake This Feeling

Rimshots – 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (Blow Your Whistle)

Roy G Hemmings – You Got Everything To Make Me Happy

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