Weekend Breakfast 25th March

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It’s (British) SUMMER (time), but it’s still pretty chilly! Loads on the Weekend Breakfast this week.

Some countdowns:

  • 5 days till the Easter weekend starts
  • 81 days till the World Cup in Russia starts
  • 282 days till 2019

We started the show celebrating summer time, but learning about the effects this may have on our skin:

Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul (76)
  • Elton John, English singer and songwriter (71)
  • Vladimir Klitschko, Ukrainian boxer (42)

Newspaper front and back pages:

We spoke to star of Essex Book Festival, Adrian May:

In hour 2, Johnny looked at the TV listings for the day:

And some facts you didn’t know this time last week:

Callum spoke to Essex Army Cadets, here’s the interview:

During the third hour, Johnny looked at the new films in the cinemas this weekend:

On this Day:

Johnny spoke to former British Ambassador to Russia and the Soviet Union, Sir Rodric Braithwaite:

Stephen Metcalfe MP‘s response to Salisbury:

Johnny will be back next Sunday from 9-12, until then – you can listen again online.

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